Pixie Purls 09 - Fiber Love

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Episode 9 - Knitting, Spinning, Weaving!

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Two Sheep
Girl on the Rocks

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I am still not happy with my audio so I'm going to have to give in and get a mic soon!

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Thanks for stopping by BritKnitCast - I've not heard your show before so I've just been catching up on past episodes and am really enjoying your cast - I'm looking forward to future episodes!

Hey, great podcast, I really enjoy listening to you.

Loved the part about FlickR - I knew a tiny bit about it, but was really glad for your explanation. Could you do more about BlogLines and RSS Feeds? I don't know what they are but I think they could enhance my knitting pleasure. :)

And...one more thing. I agree completely that the patterns on the web are very worth having vs. those in the stores. I knit all the time and hardly ever buy the patterns, unless I buy an entire book of them. I use patterns from the web and am busily archiving them against the day when the government or somebody decides that free sharing is a bad idea. I wish more yarn stores had internet consoles right in the stores so you could refer to patterns and other things online, get related questions answered, print the patterns - or at least print the supplies needed so I can buy them at the LYS. Why wouldn't they want to provide that? It seems like a win-win to me.

Oh, and one more thing. The recipe for Egg Kaka sounds great. Will you post it please?

Thanks again,


Thanks for the mention! We just kinda did the videos on a whim, and they turned out so neat! I think we will do more that are a little more informative.

I will be keeping up with your podcasts! Great job!

Linked over here from a blog (I can't remember whose...sry) on my Bloglines. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your Podcast and will be back to hear all of them. You did a wonderful job and I think (imho) that your voice-over is probably the most delightful I've heard of any of the knitting podcasts. You have a lilt and a brightness to your voice that makes it enjoyable to listen to. (And the subject material was choice too...)

Egg kaka recipe please???? Can't find it anywhere. I listened to this with bated breath, waiting for you to share the recipe and waaaah, no recipe.

I want to try this on my family!


Where do you get the egg cake recipe? I need the recipe. My family said it sounds good.

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