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Still Here

Hey guys I wanted to give you an update, I am still here! I plan on recording tonight and editing wednesday so look for a podcast this week! Sorry for the delay, I'll explain why I have been so out of it and unavailible. I'll also talk about my new Spinning Wheel, and SAFF an upcoming fiber fest in Ashville, NC that I am going to attend! Thanks for hanging in there with me, I love all the e-mails and can't wait to talk to you all again.

- pixie


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Can't wait to hear how you're enjoying the Joy. The latest yarn you've spun is lovely. I'm counting the days until Rhinebeck.

I'll warm up the ipod for the new episode!

Hooray! I look forward to loading it on the iPod later this week.

Oh good. Because I just found your podcast last week, and just finished listening to the available episodes today :) I was starting to worry there weren't going to be any more, which would be a real shame!

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