Pixie Purls 16 - Becoming a Better Knitter

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Episode 16 - Becoming a Better Knitter

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Enjoyed the show - you've been really busy lately! Have a fantastic time in London and Paris - I live about 35 mins away from London so I'll be thinking of you around Xmas time. Hope you score lots of Phildar!

Maggie Righetti is great! I also don't like buying a lot of books that I may never read again, but I bought that one after I got it from the library and have actually read it twice since then. She's very readable and down-to-earth.

Glad to hear you again!

It was great to hear your voice again! I hope you have a great time in Europe!

I love knitting books, but I've learned to preview them first by borrowing them from the library. After I get a good look at them, then I can decide if I actually want to spend the money on them.

This is the first time that I've listened and I must say, "Me likey".

I MUST return.

Thank you for making a fab podcast! My knowledge of knitting via the internet has greatly approved since listening to you, and I even started my own knitting blog. I look forward to your next episode!!

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