Pixie Purls 17 - 2007 Here We Are

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Episode 17 - 2007 Here We Are

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I really enjoy your podcasts! Thank you for taking the time to entretain us. YOu should win the UFO contest on sheer numbers alone! And an admirable list of UFO's too. Not just a scarg, dishrag or hat. But soooo many sweaters! I really understand the urge to start something new. You see it, love it, want to try making it, have to have it. Then for me the conflict comes that some of the things I've started, I really want to wear!! I do better finishing things that are for gifts!!

Im a new blogger so I hope you have time to take a look. Thanks!


It's good to have you back! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your trip and are even willing to visit there again...that's always a good sign. Keep up the great work on the podcast!

Oh my goodness you have TONS of WIPs! I get wiggly if I have more then 3 or 4 projects at once!

Did you like the DPN stitch holders, BTW? :)

Hi Pixie

Have been listening for a while now but am just caught up. Really enjoy the podcast, particularly the knitting controversies and blog spotlights. You have a great style and I appreciate the lack of music which saves the fast forward I normally apply!

I also love the pixie image and will save a button on my podcast list on my blog.

Thanks very much for podcasting, hope to hear lots more from you in 2007.

Great to have you back, another fun podcast as usual. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to England, next time you'll have to travel further north - plenty to see up here!

We miss you, Pixie! I hope everything is all right.

I just discovered your podcast and it has quickly become one of my favorites. Thanks!

I just found you - I giggled outloud during a walk - thanks for the pick me up! I hope you have more podcasts coming, in the meantime, I can catch up on your past episodes!

Hi there,

Just discovered your podcast blog, so will try to listen in the near future. I noticed that you have one of my LYSs listed in your sidebar -- Lettuce Knit, in Richmond, VA. Just wanted to let you know that they now have a website -- lettuceknitrichmond.com.

Good luck with the podcasting! By the way -- love those Kitchener's Stitch markers, but alas -- they're sold out!

Hi Pixie, saying hi - I really enjoyed listending to your podcasts and looking forward to listening to all your podcasts. Take care.

Hi Pixie, saying hi - I really enjoyed listening to your podcasts and looking forward to listening to all your podcasts. Take care.

How can I save your button iKnit on the blogger? I use Mac
Thank you

Absolutely wonderful podcast! Found your blog about 2 weeks ago and just caught up to the current episode. You've inspired me to start my own blog and join a knitting group. Thanks, Pixie!

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